Master Nima Zeighamifar

A- Essential traning of hand and legs kicks for rings fights(Kick Boxing,Full Contact) and non rings fights(Body Contact).
B- Training best methods of advanced self defense for streets involvements.

1- Official deputy of INTERNATIONAL TOP-K ORGANIZATION in England.
2- Holder of INTERNATIONAL certificate instructor in TOP-K (Body Contact and Full Contact)
3- Holder of global certificate instructor in WORLD PROFESSIONAL KICK BOXING ORGANIZATION (W.P.K.O)
4- Holder of black belt (2nd DAN ) in TOP-K.
5- Holder of black belt (2nd DAN ) in HIGH FULL CONTACT.
6- Be trained of global advanced self defense (AIKIDO).
7- HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION of elective races Iranian national Kick Boxing Full Contact team in 2007.