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       Mr. Mehrdad Soltani Zadeh started martial arts
at an early age.  He became a member of the national team of
free Karate of Iran since 1987 , and had a significant presence
 as a member of the national team of Iran for a period of eight


In 1996 he became a coach for the national team of Shin Zen Karate for a period of one year ; and following that , for a span of six years he shouldered the coaching task of the national team of Iran Kyokushin Karate; and in 2003 he achieved the coaching position of the national non-ring, free Karate teams of the Country. During the length of the eight years that he was engaged as a member of the national team, one could point to the fact that he has , without exception , achieved a title in all of the matches , and his rank has been among the finalists of the matches.



In his report card of matches , one can refer to his several periods of championship of Iran , and the championship of the international matches , and championship of the Asian matches in the presence of the founder of the professional Karate of the world (Masutatsu Oyama) and the strong team of Japan and to the deputy championship of the European matches. In his record of coaching ; and in his championship record , he also succeeded in elevating the country’s national team to the rank of champions of the Middle East and of Europe and the champion of the world.